Harmar Access Highlander Series of Residential and Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts

Harmar Access has just recently started shipping their newest line of Vertical Platform Lifts, the Highlander series. The Highlander Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) comes in two model lines: Residential and Commercial.

The Residential VPL comes in a 53” height, is weight rated for up to 600 lbs. and is a economical solution to barrier porches and other elevation changes created in and around the home. The Commercial VPL is manufactured in a variety of heights up to 171” (over 14 feet!) and is weight rated for applications up to 750 lbs. The Commercial VPL is a code-compliant access solution.

Both lifts are high-quality, durable access solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications and operate virtually maintenance-free.

This short video showcases a recent CPL800 Vertical Platform Lift in action, installed by Lift&Go Mobility in San Antonio, Texas. You can see where the old stairs were once located. The stairs were impossible to navigate and the customer could not leave their home without a number family members to help them—who weren’t always available. Now, the customer is able to leave home to visit the doctor, make other appointments, visit friends and family, and enjoy a much better quality of life.