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Adaptive Vehicle Lifts

Harmar AL800 Truck Bed Lift installed in truck bed behind cab of truck

Lift&Go Mobility specializes in the sales and installation of Bruno and Harmar adaptive vehicle lifts that require little to no vehicle modification or conversion. This is an advantage when it comes time to sell, since the equipment can be removed, and the vehicle can be reverted back to the OEM condition with little or no evidence of the lift being previously installed.

These are ideal for the majority of customers looking for a means to transport their mobility equipment as they are easy to use, they're often much more cost effective than conversion lifts or conversion lift-vans, and they deliver incredible value due to their durability and low maintenance.

Autochair Milford System for Home & Auto

Woman using a Turning Automotive Seat

Lift&Go Mobility is now offering the Milford Person Hoist, from Autochair. The Milford Person lift takes the work out of entering and exiting a vehicle by lifting a passenger out of a wheelchair to place them into a car seat. The device works well with most sedans, trucks, suvs, and vans while in most cases allowing all the comfort and positioning controls of the original seat to work normally. The arm is easily taken down and removed when the vehicle is in use.

The Autochair person hoist can also be adapted for home use as well with multiple vehicles with optional additional bases. The Milford Person hoist is a more cost-effective solution for assisting automotive seat entry and exit and can typically be installed in one day.

Home Access

Picture of man using a Vertical Platform Lift and a StairliftPicture of man using a Vertical Platform Lift and a Stairlift

Lift&Go Mobility also provides many home access solutions including stairlifts, vertical platform lifts (VPL) and ramp systems ranging from simple to more robust modular systems for residential and commercial access.

Have you ever experienced a difficult time bathing or showering because it was difficult to climb over a shower threshold or the side of a bath tub? Bathrooms are one of the most dangerous rooms in the home due to typically hard, slippery surfaces. Avoid unnecessary falls and injuries with with a Best Bath walk-in/roll-in shower or walk-in tub.

Navigating a multi-story home with a disability is no longer an impossibility with a variety of effective home access solutions from Lift&Go Mobility.