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Autochair Milford Person Lift

Lift&Go Mobility is now offering the Autochair lineup of products to assist passengers in entering and exiting their vehicles. This system has been used in Europe for sometime, and now it is available in the US!

The seat lift system is innovative in the amount of applications to which it can be applied with no modification to the seat. It works by having a base installed that is strong and durable, yet small in footprint. The lifting arm is then attached when it is needed and removed when it isn't so that the passenger can sit comfortably.

The best thing about the Milford Person Hoist system is that it is more cost-effective than other solutions, and it does not require any modification to the original car seat, so you keep all of the adjustability and optional comfort controls in the majority of circumstances.


Milford Person Lift Automotive Applications

The Milford Person Lift by Autochair is an innovative, powered lifting arm that can be used in both the car or home as the ideal wheelchair transfer lift.

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Milford Smart Base

The Milford Smart Base mobile base turns the Milford arm into a powered patient lift that can transport anywhere with easy take down and assembly.

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Milford Fixed Point Wall Mount for Home Use

The Fixed Point Wall Mount allows the Milford to install within the home or office wherever it is needed for regular upright wheelchair to seat transfers.

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