AutoChair Milford Person Lift

The Auto Chair Milford Lift has been a hot item in Europe and the UK, where it originated, and it is now available in the US through Lift&Go Mobility. Thousands of users can testify that it is a safe, cost-effective and practical solution for entering and exiting a vehicle, lifting in and out of tubs, on and off of commodes, in and out of beds, and the list goes on.

The lift comes in a choice of three kits: One for A-Pillar applications/front-row seats in vehicle, One for B-Pillar applications/second-row seats in vehicle or a home-application kit that includeds a wall-bracket and hardware. All options come with the appropriate sling based on the individual's needs; auto kits come with all hardware and installation materials; home kit comes with home-use battery pack and charger.

The Milford is incredibly versatile as well: additional brackets and mounting points are available to extend use to other vehicles and in the home.

  • Model No.:
    • AC-9914518 (auto A-pillar kit)
    • AC-9526009 (auto B-pillar kit)
    • AC-9914518 (home-application kit)
  • Pricing:Starting around $4500 (+ installation @ $75/hr)
  • Lead Time:5-8 business days from order date
  • Installation Time:Varies based on particular application; contact us for details


  • Lifting capacity of up to 330 lbs.
  • Total Height Range of 21"
  • 12V Power Supply; 25 Amps Fuse Rating
  • Lifting Arm weighs 18 lbs. and is made of strong, light-weight aluminum
  • FDA Registered and Approved; CE Marked
  • Fits almost all cars and autos
  • Multiple Sling Options Available in Sizes X-Small through X-Large
  • Can be fitted in front or second row seats
  • Installations are removeable; non-permanent (holes must be drilled, but installation can be removed and patched)
  • Can be used by the individual or helper
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Workmanship
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