Accessible Bathrooms

Bathing isn't always the easiest thing to do as we get older or endure a disability. Often, the bathroom can be a challenging place as it's full of hard surfaces that can also be slippery. The bathroom accounts for the majority of injuries amongst seniors and those that are disabled.

However, Lift&Go Mobility now offers a variety of accessible bath products and accessories to help eliminate many of the accidents that are prone to happen in the bathroom. A walk-in shower may be just the thing you need to make getting in and out of the shower easy. No thresholds or tubs to crawl over. You can even roll in a bathing chair. A rubber drip rail and heavy curtain will keep water from spilling out onto the floor, and grab bars will lend extra support while you bathe.

We also offer a variety of walk in tubs with doors that allow you to relax and sit in the bath without the worry of having to get up and out of the bath. A walk in bath tub puts you sitting comfortably in a normal sitting position so you aren't down on the ground level.

AquaJoy Premier Plus Bath Lift


The AquaJoy Bathlift requires no installation and takes the hassle out of using a bathtub.

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Walk-In Barrier-Free Shower

Walk-in/roll-in showers are a perfect solution for easy bathing and are made safe with features like folding benches, grab bars, sliding shower heads—as well as no more climbing!

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Walk-In Tub

A walk-in tub is a perfect solution for easy bathing. Our Best Bath tub units are top of the line and feature better construction and sealing than any of the competition.

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