PVI Modular Ramp System

A ramp makes things easier when using a power wheelchair or scooter to clear a threshold or load into a vehicle when a lift isn't around. Ramps vary from permenant installations with guard and handrails to more portable solutions such as single and multi-fold ramps that you can take on the go. Lift&Go Mobility specializes in the sales and installation of all types of ramps.

Each wheelchair ramp is made of durable metal and will last many years past solutions built out of wood. Also, our handicap access ramps can be removed in the event that you no longer need them, such as in the event you would like to move and sell your home—you can take them with you. Permanent solutions like concrete ramps are far more difficult to remove if needed. Ramps come in a wide variety of sizes and weights for different uses. Lift&Go Mobility offers a good selection of ramps from PVI industries, a leading maker of access ramps.


Modular Ramp Systems

Modular ramp systems are configurable custom applications for home or business access ramp needs.

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Singlefold Ramps

Singlefold ramps fold down the middle of the ramp and are lightweight, easy to handle and simple to set up.

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Multifold Ramps

Multi Fold Ramps fold along multiple axes for managing longer ramp lengths, easier. Durable, metal welded construction is light and easy to manage.

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Utility Ramps

Utility ramps are made for use with vehicles and trailers. These separate much like a multifold ramp and include an extended hook to clear a rear bumper.

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Van Ramps

Van Ramps mount to the floor of the vehicle inside the doorway and store vertically. An adaptor is available to help out with steeper inclines when loading.

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Van Ramp Mounting Kit

Mounting kit required for installation of PVI Van Ramp in rear cargo areas so the ramp clears the threshold and bumper.

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Van Ramp Adaptor

Reduces steep incline on PVI Van Ramps.

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Standard Threshold Ramps

Standard threshold ramps are used in places like doorways with a small elevation change. These ramps are usually shorter in length, as they do not need to rise very far.

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Bariatric Threshold Ramps

Bariatric threshold ramps work like standard threshold ramps, but with greater width and weight capacities for heavier, larger power mobility devices.

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Bariatric Multifold Ramps

Bariatric multifold ramps work like standard multifold ramps, but with greater width and weight capacities for heavier, larger power mobility devices.

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Self-Supporting Threshold Ramps

A self-supporting threshold ramp is used on doors that swing out, as they have no lip and but directly against the door's threshold.

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Solid Ramps

Solid ramps are one-piece solid body ramps with no hinges or gaps. Used for carts, dollies and hand-trucks.

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