Boom/Crane Mobility Lifts

harmar AL420 Inside Boom Lift

Crane-like mobility lifts that utilize a rotating arm, often called boom lifts, are a very popular category of scooter and power wheelchair lift for their unobtrusive design and ease of use.

A boom lift is most often used in the rear cargo area of an SUV, van or minivan for an interior application, but they can be installed in truck beds, also. Specific models have weather resistant features that help them withstand the elements.

There are several different configurations available for different power mobility devices and vehicles. To find out which device is right for your application, please call (210) 521-8157 or email Lift&Go Mobility for more information.


Harmar Fully Powered Boom Lift


Harmar's premiere boom lift. Built lightweight and rugged with full power lift and rotate.

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Harmar Side-Loading Boom Lift


A boom lift that loads a powerchair or scooter into the bed of a pick up truck and lowers it to the driver or passenger door.

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Harmar Fully Powered Inside Boom Lift


Powered rotation and lifting with a reduced weight capacity for smaller scooters and power chairs.

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Harmar Universal Inside Boom Lift


Economical solution for transporting smaller scooters and power chairs up to 250 lbs.

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Harmar Hybrid Inside-Out Lift


A cross between an exterior lift and a boom-style application. Lift easily comes apart for stowing.

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Harmar Inside Micro Boom Lift


Light duty inside boom lift is ideal for micro or travel mobility devices. Will lift up to 200 lbs.

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