Hitch-Mount/Exterior Lifts

Harmar AL100 Hitch Mounted Exterior Platform Lift

Hitch-mounted exterior lifts often require a pre-installed class II or class III hitch receiver that can support a tongue-weight greater than the sum of the mobility device's weight (power chair or scooter), the weight of the device itself (lift) and the weight of any optional accessories such as a swing-away module used for rear cargo access or specialty docking device installed on the chair and platform for easy mount.

Most full-size sedans, medium to larger size sport utility vehicles (SUV), mini-vans, full-size vans and full-size trucks will accommodate an exterior platform vehicle lift. There are some micro-lifts that can be fitted to smaller vehicles, but these will be limited to carrying light-weight items such as manual chairs and travel scooters and can only be applied to vehicles that will accept the proper hitch recommended by the manufacturer.

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Harmar Automatic Power Chair Lift


Exterior platform lift with integrated docking station for power chairs.

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Harmar Automatic Universal Power Chair Lift


Exterior platform lift with quick automated securing without modifications to the powerchair.

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Harmar Universal Power Chair Lift


Harmar's most popular outside platform lift, the AL500 uses retractable straps to fasten a powerchair to the platform it rides on.

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Harmar Fusion Lift


A versatile lift that can carry either a power wheel chair or a scooter. Uses rectractable belts and a rear-wheel cradle to secure a power mobility device.

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Harmar XL Fusion Lift


A larger version of the popular Fusion lift that will hold larger, heavy-duty scooters and power wheelchairs.

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Harmar Fusion RV Lift


A Fusion lift specifically designed with a HD hitch adapter that will work with virtually any RV.

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Harmar Micro Power Chair Lift


Exterior platform lift for micro and travel power chairs.

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Harmar Universal Scooter Lift


Exterior platform lift holds almost any scooter type with a hold down arm that lowers as the platform raises, thus securing the scooter to the lift.

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Harmar Swing-Away Accessory


The optional swing-away arm gives the user access to rear cargo spaces when a Harmar exterior lift is installed on vehicle.

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Harmar Hybrid Inside-Out Lift


A cross between an exterior lift and a boom-style application. Lift easily comes apart for stowing.

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Harmar Universal Carrier


An economical solution for transporting your power chair or scooter; Built to last for years of trouble free use.

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