Vehicle Lifts for Power Mobility

Harmar Mobility AL420 Inside Boom Lift

Power Mobility Devices such as scooters and power chairs are easily transported with adaptive vehicle lifts offered by Lift&Go Mobility. A solid selection of devices leaves many possibilities for configuration with your automobile, whether it be an SUV, van, minivan, car or truck.

Exterior platform lifts are easily adapted to many vehicles through the use of a hitch. A platform lowers to the ground for the user to easily load their scooter or power chair by simply driving on to the platform, dismounting and pushing a button. Boom lifts work by loading a power mobility device into a cargo area in an SUV or a truck bed with a crane-like arm. Interior hybrid platform lifts work similar to exterior platform lifts, but they can allow a user to store a power mobility device inside a vehicle where storage space is ample such as in a minivan or full-size van.


Harmar AL100 Platform Lift Exterior/Hitch-Mount Platform Lifts

Exterior Platform Lifts are hitch-mounted and are easy to use with your scooter or powerchair across many applications.

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Harmar AL420 Boom Lift Boom Arm Lifts

Boom lifts fit in most truck-beds and SUV/minivan/van cargo areas. These lifts utilize an arm that works much like a crane to pick up your power mobility device and store it inside a vehicle.

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Harmar Mobility AL600 Inside Platform Lift Interior Hybrid Platform Lifts

Interior Hybrid Platform Lifts lift a power mobility device inside a vehicle cargo area and utilize a platform rather than a boom-style crane. This lift-type is popular on minivans and full size vans.

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