What We Do

Lift&Go Mobility is a sales, service and installation provider for adaptive mobility and home access devices in San Antonio, Texas. We also extend our services to encompass the Austin area and most of the south central Texas corridor.

Our Products

lady operating a Bruno Curbsider.

Lift&Go Mobility specializes in Pride, Handicare and Harmar products, which we believe are a good fit for most people who need a lift device to transport their power mobility devices such as scooters and power chairs/wheel chairs. We sell and service equipment from both of these manufacturers. These devices are durable, high-quality products that require little to no modification to vehicles.

We are also an authorized dealer and installer of Harmar Access products for residential and commercial applications. You can view footage of a recently installed Harmar Commercial Highlander (CPL 800) 8’ Vertical Platform Lift in our News section of the website.

Lift Adaptation and Conversion

man operating a Harmar AL100

Currently, our product line-up consists of adaptive wheelchair and scooter lifts, Turning Automotive Seating and home access products such as ramps, vertical platform lifts and stairlifts. These products are adaptive in nature and require little modification to underlying structures, whether it be a vehicle, deck or stairway in and around the home.

A strong incentive towards using adaptive products is to help retain or keep as close as possible the OEM (original equipment manufactured) format of the platform on which it is installed. This makes resale or trade-in much easier since the product can be reverted to its original state to appeal to more people and it keeps costs low by reducing the amount of modification and complexity related to installing these products. Adaptive lifts are much more affordable and can be use with a large variety of vehicles.

Conversion vehicles, typically full-size conversion vans and some minivans, are vehicles that are modified structurally after they leave the original manufacturer's plant. Often, this structural modification includes dropping the floor, adjustments to entryways, suspension and a variety of other tweaks to the vehicle as well as the actual lifts being installed.

This is a higher-end application as it requires much more overhead in certifications, labor, tools, supplies, a work facility and time. Although its often very practical from a usability standpoint, these are often quite a bit more expensive than an adaptive solution, and the conversion solution is harder to unload when a user decides to sell or trade-in due to a more limited population requiring a sophisticated conversion-lift vehicle.

For very large mobility devices and custom rehab products, Conversion vans are often a great solution, but for many consumer power mobility applications such as a majority of scooters and powerchairs on the market, an adaptive lift is a wonderful, cost-efficient solution to transport a mobility device and can many times be installed on a customer's existing vehicle in a short period of time.

Our adaptive lifts are easy to operate and require little effort to work. In most instances, the devices are controlled at the push of a button on an easy to use pendant control.

Contact us today to find out if one of our adaptive vehicle lifts or home access lifts is right for you.